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Wapsi Rodi (40 mm) Coarse Aggregate number 1 (roda)

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For a given weight, higher the maximum size of aggregate, lower is the surface are of coarse aggregates and vice versa. As maximum size of coarse aggregate reduces, surface area of coarse aggregate increases.Higher the surface area, greater is the water demand to coat the particles and generate workability. Smaller maximum size of coarse aggregate will require greater fine aggregate content to coat particles and maintain cohesiveness of concrete mix. Hence 40 mm down coarse aggregate will require much less water than 20 mm down aggregate. In other words for the same workability, 40mm down aggregate will have lower water/cement ratio, thus higher strength when compared to 20mm down aggregate. Because of its lower water demand, advantage of higher maximum size of coarse aggregate can be taken to lower the cement consumption.

Wapsi Rodi (40 mm) number 1 concrete grades of M40 and above (as in case of max size of aggregate) the possibility of bond failure will tilt the balance in favour of angular aggregate with more surface area

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