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Marshalls, The No.1 Wallcoverings.

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Product Desciption

Marshalls Wallcoverings, give a true aesthetic and vibrant look to your walls in a range of 10,000+ themes and designs! Sourced from globally renowned manufacturers across Europe and North America, we offer the Latest International Fashions in Wallcoverings.

Applied in hours, your office, home or store, can be renovated in 8 hours. There is no mess, smell, hassle or inconvenience; and all the Wallcoverings remains highly washable, colorfast, durable and long lasting.

An end to end specialist in import, wholesale, retail and installation, Marshalls is committed to serve you with the best Wallcoverings range, best price and the best after sales services. Moreover, inherent state-of-the-art quality standards enable a warranty of 2 years.

With 40 years of dedication to Wallcoverings, Marshalls has become the preferred choice across Homes, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals & Retail chains in India. From boutique spaces to larger townships, from apartments, offices, retail chains, banks, coffee-shops, hospitals, restaurants to five star hotels and popular malls.

Established in 1975

It was a long time ago when the concept of wallcoverings here was relatively unknown. A visionary Baldevkrishan Sharma, was on one of his trips to the UK. He noticed in the hotel he checked into that the walls had such outstanding designs that they looked like they were dressed up, rather than painted. The design details were intricate, yet the concept was as simple, as special printed material with a paper base, glued on to the walls with special adhesive. He found this idea and its application brilliant and so he brought it home, establishing Marshalls Wallcoverings in India. Referred to as Baldevji, he saw a potential market of wallcoverings in India as far back as 1975. Since then he has honed in on his vision making Marshalls, the No. 1 Wallcoverings brand in the country today, with the most elite of clientele.

* Material: Non Woven
* Color: Purple
* Style: Contemporary
* Wall Cover Dimension: 58 Sq. Foot (1 Roll)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Wall Cover)

Expected time of delivery is 1-4 days. Easy returns in case delivered product is found faulty or different from the ordered items. For complete details about returns policy please visit 'Cancellation and Returns' section in our website.

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